Karma Axis

Track To Stay On Track

Over the years, the need for tools in business management has increased manifolds. The IT industry has also responded with numerous options, some targeting specific processes, while others broadbase. Unfortunately, even the most flexible tool would need customization to align to a specific business, especially in SMB, where process standardization is low. 

It was important to find the single common element across all business entities and departments. 

A group of industry leaders got to the whiteboard and deliberated on it to conclude to start with the tenet that every process revolves around action (Karma) and is performed by an actor (Karta). Having a way to track all Karma in the organization would be a sure shot answer to the diverse business challenges. With a unanimous agreement on the solution, the organic next step would be to develop a user-friendly tool capable of accelerated deployment.


KARMA AXIS was born.

Since the story of Karma covers all aspects of organization functions, along with elaboration of the activities like Responsibilities, Contributions, Communication or supporting elements like Timelines, Effort, Expenses, Bill of Material, Documents, Photographs or any other dimensions – KARMA AXIS provides a seamless and collaborative way of tracking them all. In a nutshell, KARMA AXIS implements the optimal framework to track the business and keep it on track.

Salient Features

All stakeholders are always in sync

Transactional to Holistic Approach

AAR [Anytime, Anywhere Record]
All stakeholders are always in sync

ERT [Eliminate Reporting Torture]
No need for redundant reporting

APR [Automate Progress Report]
Insightful replies to management

EFA [Energy Flow Analytics]
Where is the core organization ‘energy’ used

RCS [Reduce Communication Stress]
Reduce frequency of meetings by 80%

CRA [Contextual Resource Analytics]
Know resources used in the context of activities

CBN [Clear Bottleneck]
STUCK? Raise alarm. Get help quickly

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