KARMA AXIS offers a very handy and powerful tool for Management Consultants & Advisors who implement systems and processes in customer organizations. 

The KARMA AXIS Partner Model is an engagement involving detailed training, enablement, handholding and commitment. 

The model is designed to be an organic extension for business coaches, process consultants and other management influencers. We acknowledge the dedicated bandwidth required to engage as a KARMA AXIS Partner and have an attractive remuneration model as incentive.

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 For You, We Have

  • KARMA AXIS as an extension to your offering. We would help you expand the customer base, through leads of consultancy assignments for SMB,
  • A readily implementable tool for your management advises giving a boost to the satisfaction level of your customers,
  • Training from the leaders of the consulting community on the philosophy of Karma in business management, exposing you to a whole new dimension of business success,
  • The KARMA AXIS Partner community is there for any help in closing an opportunity. The mutual benefit model is designed for multiple partner engagement with zero conflict,
  • The KARMA AXIS Partner team provides various branding aids to introduce yourself and talk to your customers,
  • Last, and the most important, the Attractive Rewards Model provides both one-time as well as a consistent income booster.