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Operations OS for a new way of work management

KarmaAxis provides an effective and powerful way to manage your business

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

We All Understand The Importance of Tracking Our Business

What To Track, How To Track,

When To Track, How Much To Track

For ages, we have had an universal common factor to all our processes. Every process revolves around action (Karma) and is performed  by an actor (Karta). Having a way to track all Karma in the organization is a sure shot answer to all our managerial challenges.


All the tools to work better and stay on track 

Every Karma has all the tools that your team needs to seamlessly work together: form with parameters, checklists, communication module, file-storage; money, material and time trackers. Working across multiple apps is inefficient and lacks transparency. Work gets missed, there's no clear visibility, there's a high learning curve and is often very expensive.

KarmaAxis does away with all these problems by giving you a central OS, making work easy and fun.

Customise your work forms

Everything from leads, customer onboarding, production, meetings, daily activity tracking and everything around them, make forms that work best for you.

Get a Clear Picture

Keep a bird's eye view on work progress, team workload, and potential problems. Get real-time dashboards and other transaction highlights to make better decisions.

Collaborate and stay connected

Your team can work in one single shared space with a clear source of truth no matter where you are. 

Automate routine work

Let KarmaAxis do the heavy lifting of repetitive stuff so that you can do more of your best work efficiently.

Get organized and stay on track using KarmaAxis

Collaborate and work together to boost efficiency and productivity. Centralise all communication and documents allowing Karma to be the only source of truth across your organisation.


File Sharing

Total Design

Who Stands To Benefit


  • Track and enable team for better performance.

  • Objective, Quick and Fair Performance Review.

  • Less review meetings, more productive work.

  • Smooth coordination and collaboration.


  • Choose the level of detail for decision making.

  • Visibility going to the bottom of the pyramid.

  • Early alarms of trouble.

  • Instantly create a framework for new initiative.


  • Simplified way to record all actions - Only Once.

  • Objective, Quick and Fair Performance Review.

  • Less review meetings, more productive work.

  • Smooth coordination and collaboration.

What Our Clients Say

"We are getting work done faster and efficiently. There's lesser mistakes, the productivity is higher and employee morale has improved."

Milind Bodhke,

Green Earth

"Gone are the days of communicating on multiple mediums. KarmaAxis has ensured a sync amongst the team."

Mukesh Verma, CSS(M)

"All that needs to be done has to be said once instead of multiple times."

Ravi Jain,


Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Workflow Solutions

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