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The Tech Turbulence

The dream of a startup had chased Harish since he took admission in IIT. With his two roommates, Harish had been working on his idea while everyone else queued up for the campus placement.

On the day of graduation, while everyone left Gandhinagar, Harish and his roommates moved to a new hostel. They were business partners now. The young pillars of Zapptech Pvt Ltd. The trio had worked day and night to turn their dream into reality. Their hard work has finally paid off.

Zapptech develops and implements solutions for big data analysis. The business has grown over the last four years. This was made possible due to the hard-earned reputation in its niche service category. The dream of a startup has turned three tech freak roommates into successful entrepreneurs.

Today, Zapptech is a booming environment of techies from colleges of various parts of the country. They team up under project leaders to work on specific client assignments or projects until they are delivered.

Project leaders normally handle multiple client projects simultaneously. They are also responsible for bringing in new business. They have been instrumental in the success of Zapptech so far.

However, the rot has already started setting in when Harish sensed discordance amongst the project leaders. Last month, the MPR meeting clearly showed a rift in the company. The organization was torn with loyalties divided between two of the best project leaders. Clans of supporters formed around them.

Harish had felt something amiss after reviewing the performance of the last quarter. A few project leaders expressed their discontent about the rewards being equally distributed irrespective of merit.

Harish knew that this seething sense of arrogance among the project leaders will drag the company into the ground. The breeding disharmony must be put in order. But the question was how to stop this? How to measure the competence level? How to track the performance of every leader and their teams?

The questions wrought havoc in Harish’s mind. He was forced to leave early one day due to the ever-increasing stress stemming from this. All he wished for was an instrument that would help him to keeptrack of the contributions of employees and would reward their performances accordingly. He had to save his dream.

A unique customer for KarmaAxis.

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